Monday, February 13, 2006

duster series

tuyo tuyo / 18 x 24 in / oil on canvas

hunay hunay /18 x 24 in /oil on canvas

ka sabad / 18 x 24 in / oil on canvas

dayan dayan / 18 x 24 in / oil on canvas

I miss you / 24 X 30 in / oil on canvas


Blogger Tabuena art central said...

Hey man cool stuff you have here, Just wondering did you graduate from UST?

do you know lilit reyes?

Anyways great work...keep painting


11:53 PM  
Blogger joseph said...

I love love love 69Combi and trisikol!

4:36 AM  
Blogger Ditas said...

Hello. Beautiful artwork and so moving. I can feel the warm, humid air the paypay gives on a warm summer afternoon as I watch the coals in the plansa. I see the twinkle in Day's and Ding's eyes as they snuggle together. I see Mia's quiet demeanor. I smell Silay in your paintings and I can feel your longing in I Miss You. Keep up the great work and continue to make us proud to be SILAYNON!

5:24 PM  
Blogger Evelyn A. Yap said...

Really like your Duster Series :-) The feeling I get viewing the series is kinda like how Marlin and Dory felt when they saw the little bright light in the deep abyss. Happy feeling! Ya know, like in the movie Finding Nemo :-)

8:11 AM  

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